Power of Zero Thought state of Mind.

What is the Zero State of Mind?
Zero State of Mind does not mean the lack of thoughts in the mind but its neutralness. The mind can never be free of thoughts. Just as the fulcrum of a weighing scale lies exactly in the middle i.e. on zero, similarly our mind also can have absolutely neutral thoughts. If we consider the negative and positive attitudes to be at different ends of the scale then the middle of the line joining two would be neutral - the position of zero, which is neither negative nor positive.
   (-)                               O                                    (+)
What is the meaning of negative and positive?
Here negative or positive indicate the direction of our thoughts. When we consider negative thoughts to be the truth, we become victims of fear. This fear is what takes us to the depth of unhappiness and turns us into victims of depression. The more we allow ourselves to think negatively and believe in them, the sadder we will be. Accordingly when you are sadder than the sad, you become depressed.
Those who believe more in positive thinking that is optimism, the more they get motivated. If you are excessively motivated then you are unable to think what is good for you and what is not because of which the possibility of doing something wrong and getting the wrong result as a consequence increases.
From this principle of negative and positive thinking, you can understand that depression is exactly the opposite of motivation, which can be overcome merely by changing your way of thinking.
The Zero State of Mind teaches a person to be balanced with which he can remain normal and think about what is good for him and what is not.
In order to attain this neutral state of mind, it is not necessary to do any type of prolonged meditation. From the previous chapter you must have learnt that our minds are busy all the time with some thought or the other. If mean thoughts are present in our mind then our judgement too will become weak but if we are inspired by positive thoughts, our confidence will become stronger and stronger. On the basis of our previous experience if we start doubting others then we will not be able to earn the respect of the others,  this will affect our behaviour also. When we  follow the program to make our thoughts neutral then we will not be influenced by our old thoughts. Because of the neutralness of our minds positive thoughts and negative thoughts cease to have any significance. This neutralness also drives away all the hidden fears and doubts from our minds. In order to accomplish any goal creative ideas are born only from a neutral mind.
How to attain a Zero State of Mind?
For a Zero State of Mind it is necessary for us to control the restlessness of our mind which happens due to three reasons. The reasons are inner conflicts, our habit of arriving at conclusions and our inappropriate behaviour. Till such time our mind is not at peace, we will not be free of thoughts.

A Zero State of Mind can be achieved in three steps.
1.  Guarding against inner conflicts
2. Being non-judgemental
3. Practising Pranayam

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the Zero State of Mind.

Is Zero State of Mind harmful in any way?
When you have mastered the art of attaining a Zero State of Mind, you save yourself from the ill effects of pride and anger. This is a method of systematically controlling your mind, therefore, you should not assume that the mind will get out of control. There is no possibility of any kind of after effects from the regular practice of this exercise.
Is it necessary to practice regularly in order to have a Zero State of Mind?
In the beginning, for a Zero State of Mind it is necessary to practice regularly with complete awareness and involvement but subsequently it becomes a habit, almost instinctive. When you start achieving this state easily, it is not necessary to practice regularly.
Is it possible to do supernatural things with a Zero State of Mind?
Zero State of Mind  is a way to strengthen the mind. You can use this to make your dreams come alive. The desire for success in life is born out of dreams only. The Zero State of Mind makes your dreams more deep rooted. When your desires are strong, nature also creates a way for you to attain your dreams. In other words you can say that you are able to recognise those opportunities very easily and accept them. Nature, like many other mysterious phenomena gives us conviction in ourselves through the Zero State of Mind but even then it is not a supernatural science.
Is Zero State of Mind a religious activity?
A Zero State of Mind has to do only with the mind. It is not religious by any means. The entire human race can practice it to advantage.
What is the cost of attaining the Zero State of Mind, does one need an instructor?
This is a kind of technique which you can learn yourself by practising according to the method given in this book. In order to practice this method you do not need anything else, neither ingredients nor implements. To read the commands for programming of the mind, you will need the help of a trustworthy and close friend so that you can confide in him or her easily. 
Is Zero State of Mind helpful in making predictions? With this, can one find out about the present or past life?
You should be free from thoughts that this will help you make predictions with which you can help others. You should not believe in such miraculous powers nor should you expect such benefits from the Zero State of Mind.
With the Zero State of Mind can one perform self- hypnosis?
Undoubtedly in this state you perform self-hypnosis with which you give auto suggestions to yourself. In a Zero State of Mind you concentrate only on yourself which creates new energies in you. By increasing your confidence and by encouraging yourself you get rid of helplessness, frustration and mental tension. This method, makes you non judgemental, it also gives you relief from depression.
From this state a person can remain free of mental tensions which do not allow worry lines to form on the forehead. Your skin also does not become loose and starts sagging because of which you do not look old prematurely.
What will you gain by attaining a zero state of mind and why it is necessary?
To stay free of mental tension and depression, a zero state of mind is extremely helpful. In this state only you can perform self hypnosis which will allow you to program your sub conscious mind to get rid of your mental problems. Not only this, with self hypnosis you can get the following benefits:
1. Give up of smoking, drinking and drugging
2. Weight loss
3. Not be afraid to look down from a very high point
4. Conquer all your weaknesses
5. Be successful in any endeavour
6. Get rid of your fears.
7. Make your dreams come alive.
8. Fight ailments.
9. Make your will power stronger.
10. Make your thoughts pure.
11. And get rid of all your phobias.
You must have realised by now that the bad habits you had developed in your pre-teens to your youth, still persists. Similarly, those thoughts which are deeply rooted in your mind have found a permanent abode. These thoughts have become a part of your subconscious mind.
These days, to make consumers brand loyal; from their childhood to early youth are influenced through advertising. Whether it is brand loyalty or any kind of religion, in all these the soft thoughts of a person are greatly manipulated. A person’s primary education or his  thoughts are replaced with idealism or with the seeds of hatred, turning the person into either a great individual or a terrorist. 
The personality of an individual develops according to the education he receives.
In the next chapter we will be discussing about inner conflicts. You may have more reasons than the reasons given in that chapter, therefore, try to determine the exact cause of your inner conflicts and make an attempt to get rid of them.
To be free of all kinds inner conflicts, the infallible mantra for the person is to keep aside all his different masks - the various roles he has been enacting so far.

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